Our Services

Our Services

In choosing us to share your financial journey; we will…

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Guide You

We will help you determine short, medium and long-term goals and objectives before mapping out an overview of where we are heading and how we will guide you to your nominated destination.

At this stage in the process we will gain;

  • A full understanding of the current situation
  • An understanding of goals and objectives
  • An understanding of the issues / problems impeding the achievement of above
  • An understanding of attitude to investment risk

Then provide you with;

  • An agreed starting point and finishing line…
  • A map and our plan of how to arrive safely at our agreed destination.
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Protect You

Protection is the foundation of every good financial plan. We aim to provide you with financial security from a risk management perspective and find a safe and secure route for all of your investments through the use of:

  • Personal Life Insurance / Income Protection / Trauma Recovery
  • Business Insurance / Partnership Protection / Key Man / Buy – Sell
  • General Insurance / Health Insurance
  • Estate Planning
  • Strategies to minimise investment risk / tax minimisation
  • Researched and secure approved product list to minimise investment risk
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Weather the Storm

Many internal and external factors can affect your long term financial well-being. We will evaluate and organise your existing financial affairs to address the initial issues that have been identified as requiring priority attention through:

  • Budgeting
  • Initiate savings mentality and structured program
  • Look at loans / leases / mortgage arrangements
  • Appropriate tax structures
  • Increase disposable income / cash flow
  • Initial advice to implement structure and method for future prosperity
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Overcome Problems

No matter how well planned and skillfully navigated, there will still be unforeseen hurdles and obstacles that will arise. We will adapt your plan to overcome these problems:

  • Identify change in circumstances
  • Identify impact on existing plan
  • Reassess and agree upon any changes to goals and objectives
  • Analyse all available options and likely implications
  • Revise strategic advice to minimise impact and overcome hurdle(s)
  • Provide a revised plan of how to arrive safely at our agreed destination
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Find a Better Way

We will use our experience and expertise with an innovative and lateral thinking approach to provide sound strategic advice in our recommendations:

  • Risk profiling / asset allocation / diversification
  • Flexibility, affordability & tax effectiveness
  • Technical & legislative support
  • Wide range of product availability from fully researched Approved Product List
  • Integrated strategies to provide “value for money” from Quality Advice Practice
  • Pass the “sleep” test
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Service and Review

As part of our service offering to you, we will regularly review your progress to ensure you remain on track by making plan adjustments as necessary:

  • Ongoing relationship through good times and bad / you’re not alone
  • Demonstrate value of advice / value for money
  • Clarity on why and how advice will achieve nominated goals
  • Revise plan in event of changes to objectives
  • Continually checking to ensure we are “on track”
  • Modify and amend plan as necessary to get “back on track”
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